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Terms and Conditions

By clicking the checkbox and registering for bookd! Brand Builders you hereby:
  • Agree and consent to the Bookd! User Agreement, its policies, and the Privacy Policy.
  • Agree and consent to the following terms and conditions specific to participation in the Brand Builders program:
1. Misleading Statements, Misrepresentation and/or Wrongful Information

a) ou shall be responsible for any misleading statements and/or misrepresentation of client products and/or services.

b) In any instance that the client and/or bookd! notifies you of any misleading statements or misrepresentation of products and/or services, you shall take your best endeavor to rectify and resolve such issue.

c) Bookd! reserves the right to withhold or suspend any commission to you pursuant to the misrepresentation, misleading and/or wrongful information imparted by you.

d) Bookd! is not responsible for any customer complaints or queries regarding the sale of any products and/or services. Should you receive any customer complaints or queries you will promptly notify the client directly in writing.

2. Local Regulations
a) You agree to abide by any local and applicable government regulations. This includes any regulations regarding that you disclose when you are endorsing a product and/or service because of a paid partnership or personal affiliation with the brand. You, and not bookd!, are responsible for any breach in applicable law.
3. Non-Exclusivity

a) All product promotions must be managed through bookd! and bookd! Brand Builders. You shall not carry or represent any products or services for clients directly, unless with prior, written consent from the Company.

4. Intellectual Property
a) You agree that bookd!, and/or the client that you represent on behalf of the bookd! Brand Builders program, owns all intellectual property, patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, inventions and designs, technology, information, text and/or graphics including any videos and photographs in relation to this Agreement.
5. Confidentiality
a) You hereby acknowledge that you shall not disclose, divulge, reveal and/or otherwise make known to any third party any information whatsoever in relation to this Agreement.
6. Payment

a) Bookd! will pay you in accordance with the commission rates provided by each client.

b) Bookd! and the client are entitled to make changes to any part of the products, services, price, packages, and/or promotions at any time at bookd! and the clients’ sole discretion, which may result in reduced commission and/or reward entitlements.

c) Payment of commissions on all sales generated each month will be calculated on the last day of such month and shown as a booking in the bookd! system. Payments will be made within 15 working days from the time that the monthly booking is posted in the bookd! system.

d) Commissions paid shall be subject to withholding tax (if any) in accordance with local laws and regulations. Bookd! shall be authorized to deduct and submit withholding tax as required by any such local laws and regulations.

e) You are responsible for all personal income and tax reporting where applicable.

f) You are responsible for bank charges, if any, in association with payment.

7. Term
a) This Agreement shall be effective from the date of your registration with Brand Builders until terminated by either party via written notice.
8. Applicable Law

a) This Agreement shall be governed and construed in all respect in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

9. Notices

a) Any notice required to be served by either party to the other party shall be in writing and shall be deemed to be sufficiently served if:

i. sent by registered post to the other party at principal place of business of that party or to such other address as may from time to time be notified in writing by the party concerned and shall be deemed delivered and received at the time when such registered letter would in the ordinary course be delivered; or

ii. sent by electronic mail, facsimile transmission and shall be deemed delivered and received on the date and time of transmission.

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